THE EYES TELL A STORY: Tal Peleg’s amazing visual eye art

174162419Tal Peleg, Israeli make-up professional and blogger, creates the amazing designs above using only eye shadow and liquid liner. Her on-going art project, entitled Window to the Soul, sees her creating miniature masterpieces on her eyelids, often inspired by fairy-tales and classic novels. She’s has designed make-up pictures inspired by The Little Mermaid, Little Red Riding Hood, The Princess and the Pea as well as more modern references like Black Swan, Breaking Bad and Frozen (the bottom left photo inspired by the character of Elsa).

Follow this creative and thoughtful make-up artist via her instagram: @tal_peleg







Have you heard of #BOSSBABE? It’s the lifestyle brand that “glamorizes young, fly and sexy millennial business women to connect, confess, and netwerk™”, and readdresses long-dead stereotypes of what it means to be a woman in business.

Thanks to the World Wide Web young women all over the globe are starting their own enterprises. Here at The Lacquer Lab we know first-hand that it’s not easy to be a #BOSSBABE. Most of us are studying or working full time while trying to juggle our entrepreneurial dreams and our busy social lives. #BOSSBABE connects ambitious, business-minded women together who are hustling just like us, so we can create communities which spur us on to achieve our goals.

A mixture of witty memes, Beyonce and Rihanna worship, genuine heart-felt advice and promotion of other #BOSSBABES, the brand’s Instagram account is a one stop shop for laughs, a dose of sass, and a girl power style pick me up.



We spoke to CEO and founder of #BOSSBABE INC, Alex Hayden Hernandez, about her inspiration and the traits that make up an ultimate #BOSSBABE.


What is the ethos behind #BOSSBABE?

#BOSSBABE is a mentality. A true #bossbabe is not measured in her numbers, she’s measured in her ability to think big, to manage her life.

What traits make a #BOSSBABE?

I love to think of a #bossbabe of that girl in the room who you can’t help but stare at. She’s swagged out and she talks about making millions of dollars without a flinch in her voice. She doesn’t care how crazy she looks.

Who are your favourite #BOSSBABES?

Ever since I was a little kid, Beyonce. My whole bedroom wall in high school was filled from floor to ceiling with pictures of her. Her voice got me here.

Why do you think it’s so important that women are supported when staring businesses?

Honestly, I think anyone who wants to start a business should be supported. Man, woman or child. The shits hard! I love how #BOSSBABE is a mostly female movement but I think running a business is hard for anyone. I mean, at least when you are a woman running a business, you get an extra pat on the back just for being a woman. Men have a much deeper, competitive shark tank.

What is the future of #BOSSBABE?​

A lot. We are talking to investors every day. For now, our next big project is #BOSSBABE TV. Make sure you subscribe!


159568772 Ear jackets are the delicate and demure younger sister of the ear cuff. Much more feminine than the cuff, a jewellery trend which dominated last year, the ear jacket is business in the front and party in the back. Usually pretty decoration dangles down from a simple stud, hugging the lobe from behind. The style can look ethereal, tough and edgy, or elegant, depending on how you wear it. We love Kate Mara’s red and gold version with spikes for a funky feel and Emma Watson subtly mixes up her classic style with a twin pearl option.